Light Steel Household Roll Forming Machine

Light steel house RollForm machine is one of the most preferred systems for companies producing the same profile or corner bands. Thanks to the RollForm machines, which continue to spread day by day with the developing technology, you can get rid of the disadvantages of press bending and produce the parts you need much more efficiently.

What is U / C Profile Machine? Where to use?

What is a U / C profile machine? Where to use? What does it do? U / C profile machine produces profiles used in automotive, energy and industrial sectors, especially steel structures. The machines use Roll forming technology, that is, they bend the sheet iron into the desired profile.

Light Steel Panel Systems

Light steel panel systems can be used in a wide variety of fields. Panels created by joining profiles of desired sizes and specifications can serve different purposes in the construction industry. With TEOTECH, it is possible to get the right project and right production service!

U/C Profile

What is U / C Profile? U and C Profile is the partition wall part used in plasterboards. Having a flexible structure makes the system more resistant to various factors. U and C profiles are different structural elements that can be used in the same area. They are produced using roll forming technology, they are named according to the shape of the bent sheet metal.

Roll Form Machine

What is Roll Form Machine? Roll form machine; It is a machine used to bend various types of metal, especially rolled sheet metal, into the desired mold. It works with roll forming technology. It is very efficient in the production of long and large profiles. Making the sheet and strip metals more and more quality increases the use of roll forming.